Trigger Point

He holds the bottle of pills lightly in his hands. How did it get to this point? The world would honestly be so much better with out me. No one would miss me – not even her. When did she stop loving me? Why did I screw up again, I always do. His mind racing again, his body was physically hurting from the pain. Where are the answers?

Here’s the problem: we observe suicide from such a distance. As though we’re looking at it through a glass wall because it only happens to a certain type of individual. As though it won’t affect our families but instead “certain types.”

But none of that’s true – it could be anywhere and could affect almost anybody. Mental health is such a large issue (not to get repetitive). The one thing that teenagers should learn about is handling situations in which someone is expressing suicidal thoughts or motives. This is something that should be incorporated into our health classes in middle school. It seems unimportant but everything comes down to timing. Knowing how to respond in such situations could make all the difference.


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