The Speed of Your Relationship

In high school, relationships move in a strange fashion. They might start off slow – and incredibly awkward – but once the ball starts rolling, they start going at a very fast pace. Infatuation is often mistaken for love, and hormones are at an all time high. Once we leave high school however, the whole dynamic of relationships start to change. Milestones, such as “I love you” and losing your virginity, often start to carry a larger weight than they did before. In fact, society has gone as far as to set the ideal time frame for reaching these milestones. For example, “Don’t say “I love you” within the first two months.”

As you might know, I recently came into a serious relationship. Even saying it sounds bizarre to me – how do you come into a serious relationship?  How is it serious from the start?  Trust me, I’ve asked myself these very questions over and over again. We’ve surpassed numerous milestones at a questionably fast pace. From the outside looking in we must seem crazy. But we don’t feel it – it just feels right.

Coming to terms with the fact that something “just feels right” puts the whole notion of social norms into question. A relationship is a shared bond between two people. That’s not to say that there is no room for outside help. It’s when this advice turns to expectations and requirements that things get messy. As simple as it is we need to remember that a relationship is shared between two people (or more depending on how you swing). Move at the pace that feels right. Move with caution but don’t hold back in the face of society.

At least, that’s my two cents.


2 thoughts on “The Speed of Your Relationship

  1. I knew by the end of our first date I was going to marry my husband. On the second date, he played a song, and told me to really listen to it. It was Eddie Money’s, I Think I’m In Love. We started dating in January of 1993, and got married that December. Everyone moves at their own pace.

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